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Did you know that the Danes are the happiest people on earth? Learn to be happy like the people of Denmark


Are you tired of feeling exhausted, anxious, sad or stressed out?

Do you struggle with addiction, smoking or weight management?

Do you wish to sleep like a baby at night, be full of energy and have peace of mind? Enter the door to your future.

Visit the sanctuary for happiness located in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Zanne Bech, M.S. in Health Psychology, Addiction Counselor, Family Counselor and NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist welcomes you at Clinic Betterlife, all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Have you been to rehab for drug or alcohol addiction but still find yourself struggling with your sleep, weight management, fear, sadness, inner turmoil ect.?

Join the 4 Steps and Hypnosis program.

What is 4 Steps And Hypnosis™? 

4 Steps and Hypnosis™ is a program for change. The purpose of 4 Steps and Hypnosis is to optimize your present state – mentally, physically and emotionally. The program has proven to be very effective on issues and challenges that require you to go a little deeper, than in a regular session, to create the desired change.

Have you previously been to rehab? Have experienced relapse?

Do you still struggle to keep your head above water? Do you still feel the urges?

Hypnosis sooths and relieves the symptoms and the urge!

We guide, instruct and teach you how to manage problems, life challenges and issues – how to regain a positive mental attitude and self-control and to enhance personal skills and assets. We show you how to promote wellness in your life – and most importantly – how to eternalize your positive changes.

Let go of the urge – sadness – fears – bad habits – negative sleep patterns – mood swings etc.

YOU can change – YES you can!

How is the 4 Steps and Hypnosis™ program set up?

Step 1 – Insight into your issue/problem and description of it’s extent and pattern

You have your first one-to-one session, which will give you inner peace and calm.

You work on written assignments, where your problem and issues and behavioral patterns are uncovered.

You have your second one-to-one session where hypnotherapy is used to reframe the “cause” of your issue.

You will sense your ”inner turmoil” fading away.

Step 2 – Insight into personality, character traits and emotions

Written assignments, provide insight into personality and emotions.

Special emphasis is placed on what works for you and if your reactions are contrary to your personality. If there are emotions like; inner turmoil, fear, guilt, shame, anger, helplessness, grief, sadness, or anything else keeping you from being happy and well.

You will have your third one-to-one session, freeing you from your burdens.

Step 3 – Intensive change to a pattern that works for you; emotionally, behaviorally and physically/practically

Through written assignments, your new reality/truth will be created – i.e. how you wish to react and what you want your daily life to look like.

This concerns sleep patterns, healthy eating habits, exercise, hanging out with friends and family without conflict, getting a handle on your work situation and INNER PEACE & CALM.

You will gain insight to properly functioning emotional reactions, actions and learn how to live life on life’s terms.

You will receive your fourth one-to-one session that will implement the new ”program” into your subconscious mind, making it a natural part of you.

Step 4 – Plan for the future – future lifestyle

Through written assignments we will map out your future goals and wishes – on a practical and emotional level – how do you reaaly wish to live your life?

You will receive your 5th one-to-one session implenting your future goals.

You will receive 6 months of online support.

Service Price You get

Full Package

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  • 1 hypnosis session
  • Personalized mantra – customized self hypnosis
  • Access to for 3 months (Hypnosis MP3s)

Full Package


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  • 6 weeks of intensive outpatient sessions
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Written assignments
  • 6 months online support
  • Option of additional one-on-one sessions in the 6 month period upon agreement
  • Access to for 6 months (Hypnosis MP3s)

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