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Addiction – Weight Management – Anxiety – Stress – Motivation – Sleep Problems – Pain Management – Fears – Phobias – Smoking – ADHD – OCD – Panic Attacks – Cancer Treatment – Anger Management – Relationships – Negative Thinking – Study Skills – Memory – Self Confidence – Creative Block – much more

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Zanne Bech

M.S. Health Pshychology

NGH certified hypnotist and hypnoterapist

CEO & Founder of Clinic-, Academy & Business Betterlife

Founder of 4 Steps and Hypnosis treatment program

Family & addiction counselor

Approved by Danish insurance company


What is Business Betterlife’s philosophy?

We are not like everyone else! We don’t analyze illnesses and problems. WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM. WE CREATE CHANGE QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY, using the newest methods within hypnotherapy. Browse around the platform and explore the possibilities with our mp3 hypnosis audio files. Business Betterlife aims to create well-being, sooth symptoms and decrease sick leave. We want to create good energy and remove ailments, bad habits and negative thoughts.

When the BETA version of the platform launches the platform will be available for companies / employees / managements, unions / members, hospitals / patients, hotels / guests and is designed to provide help for the individual person. Platform users can expect to be helped in the following ways:

  • Employees Better working environment
  • Companies Decrease sickness absence
  • Unions Better service for members
  • Members Information and mental/physical wellness
  • Hospitals Service for the patients
  • Patients Get well faster
  • Hotels Service for the guests
  • Guests Cures jetlag and sleeping disorders among other issues

The platform gives the user access to daily input for mental and physical wellness and furthermore provides discounts on personal hypnotherapy sessions. Our MP3 files with hypnosis, videos, articles and information about health issues make this platform a unique and interactive online website. Enjoy the platform and REMEMBER: TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE