4 Steps and Hypnosis

– a program for change

Whiplash – Alcohol – Eating disorders – Marijuana use – Stress – Pain – Depression – Family troubles – Physical diseases – Cancer
Mentally – Psychologically – Physically

Every thought I think is part of the creation of my future. Healthy thoughts create a healthy body.
The goal of this program is improvement of your present state: mentally and health wise.

The program can be used for: alcohol or drug abuse – weight control – job loss/new start – divorce – severe disease and other issues that require you to go a little “deeper” to create the desired change.

STEP 1: Insight and description of the problem and pattern

• A personal interview
• Teaching online on how to do self-hypnosis
• Online support/assignments reveals extent of the problem; it’s nature and pattern.
• A personal hypnosis session with a therapist affiliated with 4SAH
• Assignments online
• Written feedback online
• Self-hypnosis – Part 1 – Online Support
• SELF-HYPNOSIS – so the positive change is maintained

STEP 2: Insight into personality, character traits and emotions

• Assignments online provide a bigger picture of personality and emotions
• Written feedback on the clients “picture”
• Inner turmoil, anxiety, anger, helplessness, grief, sadness and other issues are treated with hypnosis therapy/self-hypnosis/Assignments online
• Self-hypnosis – Part 2 – Online Support
• SELF-HYPNOSIS – so the positive change is maintained.

STEP 3: Intensive change to mentally / physically pattern that works

• Written assignments online creates the “new truth” – the new mental script
– “This is how I wish to react”
– “This is how I wish to live everyday life”
– Sleep, eating healthy, exercise, good habits and inner peace.
• A hypnosis session implements the “new program”, in order for it to naturally become a part of the everyday life routine
• SELF-HYPNOSIS – so the positive change is maintained.

STEP 4: Plan for the future – future lifestyle

• “How will I live my life”
• Assignments cover future goals and aspirations.
• A specific plan is made
• A hypnosis session implements future goals in the subconscious
• SELF-HYPNOSIS – so the positive change is maintained
• 6-month follow-up – online