Nurse House

With our nurses you can get the help and guidance if you do not believe that calling your doctor is enough. Our nurses, who are all NGH and RAB certified hypnotherapists, will answer any question you might have regarding anxiety, asthma, allergy, insomnia, disrupted sleep, pain, migraine, head aches, the flu, a common cold, skin problems, rash, psoriasis, smoking cessation, stress, restlessness, phobias, depression, sadness, tics, insecurity, despondency, feeling sad, sexual blockage, grief, traumas, crises, stuttering, impotence, post-traumatic stress, bedwetting, whiplash, ADHD, OCD, eating disorders, pickiness or other problems. Click on the Question button on the right side of the screen and send in  your question and/or describe your problem and one of our nurses will reply via email or by telephone within 24 hours. Most likely within 1-2 hours. REMEMBER to update your profile with your phone number here. GET RID OF YOUR PROBLEM NOW? We also recommend that you contact our hypnotherapists who can help solve your problems or provide you with the best solution. Click on the Question button on the right side of the screen and write your question or call us: Zanne: +45 29441956 – CEO and Founder / Pernille – +45 20634191 – Executive Director This content is currently under development Check back soon