You can make a difference!

Become a Health Ambassador and promote health and well being.

Academy Better Life educates Health Ambassadors.

  • Certified QUIT SMOKING hypnotist1 week of training to become a QUIT SMOKING hypnotist gives you the ability to help the thousands of smokers who want to quit smoking.
  • Certified WEIGHT CONTROL hypnotist You can take specific classes in addition to the main education, in which you will learn everything that a top professional hypnotherapist needs to know in order to help people who needs to lose weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle.Unlike normal dieting and “change your lifestyle” processes, the change with hypnosis lets you what ever you want. The key is to only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.
  • Certified STRESS hypnotist Stress often leads to long-term sick leave. With our treatment the employee can get back to work in no time.With a stress hypnotherapist employed at the workplace, employees will be able to learn the process in no time.

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Read more about the program at www.ACADEMYBETTERLIFE.COM about becoming a: NGH Certified Master Hypnotherapist.