Visitation to Sessions

As a user of, you earn a 20% discount on the first session with one of our professional hypnotherapists in our network. All hypnotherapists are APPROVED, CERTIFIED an follows our mandatory training. Our code of ethics is of high standard and we have NO “alternative spice herbal witches” or “mysterious sorcerers”. We follow international guidelines from our American organisation NGH. And we request that you report back to us if you believe that one of our partners does not live up to the standards we require. WE ARE HAPPY FOR ANY REPORTS FROM you. When booking a session with a hypnotherapist, the procedure is as follows:

  • You find a hypnotherapist on the site.
  • You buy the first session.
  • If your employer or an insurance company will pay, please contact our support.
  • After successful payment you will be contacted by the hypnotherapist.
  • You arrange follow up sessions with the hypnotherapist.
  • Payment is done to the hypnotherapist when you pay yourself.
  • A bill is sent from the hypnotherapist to BUSINESSBETTERLIFE.
  • Payment to the hypnotherapist is done from BUSINESSBETTERLIFE.